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Fortnightly Club Welcomes New Faculty Women and Wives at UMC

This time of year I meet a lot of newcomer faculty at UMC and their families, which always reminds me of my own move to Columbia.  Several years ago, my husband got offered a job in the Agricultural Economics department, which is how I ended up in Columbia.  He headed off to his new job, and returned the first evening… Read more »

Meet the July Newcomers

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Columbia is just exploding with newcomers!  These past few months have blown by in a whirlwind of welcome basket deliveries.  Since I’ve been so busy taking out goodies and remiss in blogging, I thought I would tell you about some of the newest residents I had the pleasure to meet. In July alone, thirty newcomer families were greeted.  People moved… Read more »

CoMo Calendar of Events

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It’s Friday and my husband just asked, “What are we doing this weekend?”  I entertain this same question pretty much every week since I’m in charge of setting our social calendar.  Not surprisingly, I frequently hear a more comprehensive version of this request from newcomers – “How can I figure out what is going on in Columbia?” There is no one easy source for… Read more »

Make a Difference in your Neighborhood

As a newcomer, the easiest way to feel settled in a new city is to become part of the community.  I moved to Columbia about six years ago, and for me that meant volunteering, making friends and meeting my neighbors.  The latter wasn’t so easy. My husband and I had never been homeowners before moving here, and weren’t exactly sure… Read more »

CoMo Christmas Kick Off

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This chilly weather is putting me in a holiday frame of mind.  Luckily Columbia is ready to kick off its Christmas spirit this weekend, so grab some friends … if they are named “Carol”, it’s even more merry! Friday night is the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony for Shelter Insurance.   Now in its 47th year, the 6pm celebration includes Christmas… Read more »

No Naked Newcomers in Columbia – Thank Goodness!

In October, I was out of the office for several days attending a Welcome Service International conference for people who do exactly what I do – welcome newcomers to their new home town.  I bet you had no idea such an organization existed … I didn’t myself until a few years ago! Amazing women (and a few men!) from Colorado,… Read more »

Neighbor Gives Good Grouse

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Columbia is filled with amazing people and today I’d like to feature one who lives just across the street from me.  My neighbor, Noppadol Paothong, is an award winning photographer who just recently published the most gorgeous book, “Save the Last Dance”.  The pictures are stunning and the pages so lavish that you cannot help but start to feel for… Read more »

Museum Madness at Mizzou

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My husband works at the University of Missouri-Columbia (UMC), and even he didn’t realize the wealth of eclectic art and downright bizarre exhibits on display until I recently dragged him all over campus for an early evening of culture.  And since the museums and galleries are all free, it is a cheap date activity which my economist husband appreciates. There… Read more »

Kids Summer Fun

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Last week, my husband and I hosted multiple nephews and nieces visiting from St. Louis.  It was decadent chaos with girls playing trumpets in my old ballet outfits, boys hiding Star Wars characters in my pantry (which, I was told, doubled as toy “jail”), endless chocolate milk flying out of cups, and an Iron Man helmet decorating my trash can. … Read more »

Ten Questions Answered by Successful Woman

As a female small business owner, I sometimes find that brainstorming with other women is vital to my business success, personal growth and mental sanity.  One of the best places to do this is at VOICES.  The membership networking group is a comprehensive rolodex of mid-Missouri’s most successful women.  These women own businesses, run businesses, or have key jobs in… Read more »