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Four Years and Still in Love

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Thank goodness for automatic reminders that pop up when I check my inbox. On LinkedIn, one flashes across the screen, “You’re celebrating four years!” as I think, “How did that happen?” Yes, four years ago, I purchased Columbia Welcome from the founding owner Stacey Thompson. I had some big shoes to fill for sure! I remember feeling nervous heading to… Read more »

Fortnightly Club Welcomes New Faculty Women and Wives at UMC

This time of year I meet a lot of newcomer faculty at UMC and their families, which always reminds me of my own move to Columbia.  Several years ago, my husband got offered a job in the Agricultural Economics department, which is how I ended up in Columbia.  He headed off to his new job, and returned the first evening… Read more »

Newcomers Go To Market

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Thinking about going to the Columbia Farmers’ Market this Saturday?  Then please stop by the Columbia Welcome booth and say “Hi” to me and the lovely ladies of the Columbia Newcomers Club.  We will be there from 8am (eek!) to 12 noon, handing out candy and talking to the community about the free newcomer welcome service and the continuing opportunities… Read more »

Finding Friends at the Columbia Newcomer’s Club

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Newcomers frequently ask me where they can find new friends and a good place to start is the Columbia Newcomer’s Club.  The Columbia Newcomer’s Club is open to both new residents and those who have lived in Columbia for many years.  The group is comprised of about 150 women and a handful of brave men who attend a variety of… Read more »