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It’s Friday and my husband just asked, “What are we doing this weekend?”  I entertain this same question pretty much every week since I’m in charge of setting our social calendar.  Not surprisingly, I frequently hear a more comprehensive version of this request from newcomers – “How can I figure out what is going on in Columbia?”

There is no one easy source for a calendar of events in Columbia.  I usually check a couple of websites, including the Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Columbia Daily Tribune and the Office of Cultural Affairs.  The Convention & Visitors Bureau Event Calendar is a comprehensive list of major tourism events in Columbia and surrounding areas.  It is set up as more of a long list than an actual calendar, but the range of events and activities is quite inclusive making it my go-to website of choice.

The Columbia Daily Tribune’s calendar features both the “Best Bet” for the day and an hour-by-hour detailed format.  Local music often includes photos of musicians, and listings of various small group activities (who knew we had a CoMo Drum Circle?), health and addiction meetings and senior gatherings.

The Office of Cultural Affairs’ Face Book page is a good source for art, music, poetry and film happenings in Columbia.  They also make various “Calls to Artists” and highlight artistic city government happenings.  They have recently partnered with Unbucket, a new social media site that challenges people to make lists of experiences to share in the community.

One more I occasionally zip by is Free Columbia.  The layout isn’t as pretty as I would like, but the website is an excellent one-stop resource for free (and almost free) activities in and around Columbia.  It seems to come in particularly handy when we have nephews or nieces visiting from out of town since I do not stay overly current with budget friendly kids activities.

So, what’s on for my weekend?  Tonight my husband and I will treat our god-daughter to “Shrek, the Musical” at Jesse Auditorium.  Saturday we’re thinking of traveling to the State Capitol to see the Civil War in Missouri exhibit.  Sunday we will have dinner with lovely friends … and I have a feeling the only calendar that appears on is my own!

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