Fortnightly Club Welcomes New Faculty Women and Wives at UMC

This time of year I meet a lot of newcomer faculty at UMC and their families, which always reminds me of my own move to Columbia.  Several years ago, my husband got offered a job in the Agricultural Economics department, which is how I ended up in Columbia.  He headed off to his new job, and returned the first evening with news about a group for me – Fortnightly Club. 

Stacey Thompson with some of the lovely ladies in Fortnightly Club

Stacey Thompson with some of the lovely ladies in Fortnightly Club

Fortnightly Club is a wonderful organization for faculty women and wives at MU.  In its 120 year history, it has served the dual purpose of providing community and support for the women of the university (through social activities) and the university itself (through student scholarships and fundraising).  I was intrigued by the brochure, and dove right in by trying out several of the interest groups. 

Over the years, I have crafted wire holiday trees with Arts & Crafts, learned how to weave a rug on a hundred year old loom in the Antiques Group, talked about favorite reads in Book Topics, enjoyed laughter and meals with the Monday Lunchers, and sadly realized that carrots should never be made into souffle after one particularly memorable Gourmet night.  Tomorrow there is a Potluck Lawn Party at Bradford Research Farm, complete with wagon tours;  in October there is a fundraiser at Shakespeare’s Pizza.  The mixture of ladies is stimulating, lively and fun-filled.  I am very proud to be a part of this group, and quite honored that they have chosen me as their current president.

One of the best parts about Fortnightly Club is that they have a special interest group just for newcomers.  And several interest groups have been added that cater to working faculty.  Have I talked you into joining yet?

If you or your spouse is affiliated with Mizzou, and would like more details about the group, please contact


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