Greetings to the Columbia Welcome Blog

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Welcome to Columbia … or, perhaps I should say, greetings to the Columbia Welcome Blog!  So many newcomers ask me about the other new residents in our community that I decided to launch this feature.  I hope to tell you about your fellow newcomers, help you find fun friends and newcomer friendly activities in CoMO, and introduce you to some of my favorite local businesses.

Of course, this blog wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my favorite web design company, MayeCreate.  They did an outstanding job crafting the Columbia Welcome website in 2009, and have implemented great solutions to keep me found on the web ever since.  I just attended one of their new seminars on Social Networking, and listened carefully when they suggested I start blogging.  Honestly, they had suggested this back in 2009, too, but this time I actually paid attention!  Thank you Monica Pitts, the owner and founder of MayeCreate, for getting this up and running in just a few clicks of the keyboard.  You are my favorite web designer!

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