Trimming Trees – In Every Sense of the Phrase

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This first snow of the season makes me extra happy that I took care of my yard work needs last week.  Well, actually Korte Tree Care saw to the work while I went to a Friends International holiday crafting workshop.  While I chatted with ladies recently transplanted from Libya, China and Korea, Joshua Korte and his crew were hard at work trimming lower branches from two trees in my front yard and re-shaping a Japanese maple that had gone from cute gem to an overgrown mess.  They probably loaded up the branches to haul away about the time I was gluing on Santa’s beard and affixing Rudolph’s nose.


Columbia Welcome Headquarters after
Korte Tree Care Trimming

Of course, given today’s weather you might be thinking more about snow than trees.  Lucky you, Korte Tree Care also provides snow removal.  Good to know since this is just the first of many snows we might be enjoying this year…


Holiday Ornaments made at Friends International


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