Turning Heads

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The weirdest thing has been happening to me lately – men keep complimenting me on my haircut.  I’ve always had a lot of women ask me about my hair.  Part of being a newcomer is finding a new hairdresser, so there has always been a lot of interest in the salons and spas I frequent.  However, this is completely new.  I was at an office supply store recently purchasing a printer.

A man I had never met walked up to me, said how much he liked my haircut, then walked off.  A week later, another man stopped me outside of a charity event, noted how well the shape of my hair complimented my face, then continued talking with his companion.

I am flattered, but also a bit perplexed.  When I look in the mirror I only see windblown locks that I’m trying to grow out, but apparently I am currently sporting a very pleasing, albeit man-pleasing haircut.  Yeah!  I give all the credit to my stylist, Tara Wissinger at Salon Adair.  Tara has cut my hair often over the last several years.  If you would like to try her, or any of the very skilled staff, take note – men might start stopping you in the street to tell you how good you look!

Salon Adair
3301 W. Broadway Business Park Court
(near HyVee on Broadway)

And don’t forget the coupons you received in your newcomer welcome basket.  They have some great discounts on haircare, mani/pedis, and massages. 

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