Welcome to Columbia, Missouri!

Moving to a new city can be difficult. Let Columbia Welcome help make your transition easier by bringing you a basket full of helpful community information, gifts, business coupons, maps, brochures and gift certificates – all free to you.

The newcomer basket can be delivered to your home or office, or you can be met at a coffee shop. Your greeter will spend as much time as you need with you, helping you become familiar with Columbia, showing how to redeem your gift certificates and coupons, and answering questions about your new city. The service is particularly useful to new home owners, professional employees, stay-at-home spouses and retirees.


Your newcomer basket is stuffed full of goodies:

  • Maps of Columbia and the state of MO
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants
  • Coupons for pet care, dry cleaning and beauty services
  • “Citizen Handbook” from the City of Columbia
  • Free trial membership at fitness clubs
  • Healthcare information from local hospitals and clinics
  • Visitor guidebook from Convention & Visitor Center
  • Water bottles, eco-friendly shopping bags
  • Social, community, and business publications

Additional items include: coffee mugs, magnets, hats, makeup samples, key chains, screen cleaners, flashlights, ink pens, post-it notes, brochures, emery boards, etc.


Sign up for your FREE visit today!

Your greeter will not be selling you anything during your visit. The entire service is sponsored for by the local businesses and city offices that put items in the basket. They know you are new to the city and would like to help you learn more about your new hometown. Sign up for your free visit today.